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Oil mist collector

Oil mist filter

Oil mist collector for oil separation and elimination

The oil mist filter is a filtration system used to purify the air from suspended liquid oil particles.
It’s installation guarantees the quality of the air in the production and the protection of workers.
It is suitable for filtration cutting oil, emulsifier, lubricant, oil lathes for multiple operations, screw cutting, gear cutting, grinding, cold moulding machines, vegetable oil nebulizers, machines for processing of pasta, oil turbines, compressors, pumps and sprayers.

The polluted air passes through successive abatement stages after the filter. The first stage consists of a droplet separator in PVC with repeated changes of section, the second by filters with metal straw G2 (EN 779: 2012), the last stage by filter bags with high absorption capacity with efficiency F (EN 779:2012).
The bottom of the filter is built to convey the recovered oil to the drain. A manual valve allows to discharge the recovered oil from the dust collector.

Standard equipment
droplet separator filter
metal pre-filters G2
filter bags F9

Optionals available
plenum at the chamber inlet
different pressure gauge
HEPA filters


  • Application: oil
  • Flow rate: Min.: 2000 m³/h (70629.33 ft³/h)

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