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  • Worm gear / hub / custom / for industrial applications

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Worm gear / hub / custom / for industrial applications

Worm Gear sets up to 8" Center Distance from 64 to 4 Diametrical Pitch
Spur and Helical Gears from 64 to 4 diametrical Pitch - 16" Pitch Diameter
Internal & External Splines
Special Timing Belt Pulleys


Our engineering capabilities allow us to offer a custom design or adapt standard gearing to offer the most cost effective solution to your needs. Our engineering input could reduce cost and/or improve your product quality.

All gearing is manufactured in-house to industry standards.

Our flexibility in engineering and production affords rapid response in design, prototype and production. Requirements for low volume or orders for several thousand can be handled within our facility at competitive costs.


  • Form: worm
  • Configuration: hub
  • Other characteristics: custom, for industrial applications

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