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  • Stationary hot air generator / gas
  • Stationary hot air generator / gas
  • Stationary hot air generator / gas


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Stationary hot air generator / gas

FLEXIGENTM is the "brand name" of customized hot gas generators that GRECO developed and provides to every industry that needs drying gases in its productive process.

FLEXIGENTM is a "direct heat" type of equipment where high temperature gas is made available for the process. This gas comes from the mix of products obtained from firing fuel and either atmosphere air or gases from recirculation.

FLEXIGENTM can be customized and, because it has a burner developed according to the traditional "GRECO's Combustion Technology", it is extremely flexible concerning the fuels that can be used in the production of hot gases.

FLEXIGENTM is always customized to meet the specific needs of the production process - for instance: flow and temperature of the gases that are generated, the use of re- circulated gases, running on "open process" or "closed process", etc. - and, of course, to fire the most economical fuel mix.


  • Type: stationary
  • Power source: gas
  • Power: 50000000 W (170606557.84 BTU/h)

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