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  • Magnetic shaker / for biology / heated


Article: 00072023

Magnetic shaker / for biology / heated

The HSM2.0 is a Heater Shaker Magnet instrument. The device performs all functions needed in processing magnetic resin-based purification chemistries. The instrument gives an all-in-one processing capabilities, due to its ability to heat, shake and apply magnetic field.

The machine consists of a 50-ml standard conical tubes, magnets and reagent-based PMPs (paramagnetic particles). The PMPs give the device a mobile solid state which optimizes capture, washing and elution of molecules.

The instrument consist of a software that contains preprogrammed isolation methods. It can process 32 samples of human blood in 23.5 hours. The samples are processed using a semi-automated method. It also gives an automated cell lysis, DNA capture and elution from 3 to 10 ml of blood. It can be combined with a robotic liquid-handling workstation for fully automated purification.


  • Type: magnetic
  • Domain: for biology
  • Other characteristics: heated

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