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GR series

Article: 00076710

Crossed roller linear guide / ball

GR type linear system bearings could utilize either cross roller or
ball as rolling elements. The two will differ substantially in load
ratings. The ratio is approximately 10 to 1 in favor of rollers,
depending upon the dimention under consideration.
Balls are more advantageous in case of presence of impurities
and/or misalignment as it happens when the structure, to
which rails are anchored, is not sturdy enough to support them
and rails are not therefore placed in their correct position.
Such systems offer good load rating with respect to the cross
section, lenght and relative stroke. They utilize different
cages and end pieces depending upon the application.


  • Technology: crossed roller, ball
  • Rail width: Min.: 4 mm
  • Rail length: Min.: 20 mm

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