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Article: 00076792

Sliding linear guide / precision / aluminum

Code: ?4137

Family: 55x55 linear units in kits

Name: Preassembled linear unit kit D6 with narrow carriage

Material: guides and rollers in hardened and chrome-plated steel; profile, heads and carriage in shot peened aluminium; polyurethane toothed belt; galvanised steel nuts and bolts.
Characteristics: technical
- Robust and compact profile;
- Maximum carriage speed: 5 m/s*;
- Maximum carriage acceleration: 12 m/s*;
- Theoretical accuracy: ±0.1 mm**;
- 1 pulley turn: 138 mm.
Standard pack: 1 piece.
* The maximum speed and acceleration indicated are approximate and to be checked case by case.
** the ACCURACY indicated is theoretical. The effective accuracy depends on the actual conditions of use and should take into account the accuracies of the kinematic chain - consisting of the reduction gear, motor, any connection joints - and by the performance of the position control system (encoder, etc.).


  • Technology: sliding
  • Other characteristics: precision, aluminum
  • Rail length: 1520 mm, 820 mm, 720 mm

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