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Protective panel / flat / PEEK / abrasion-resistant

PEEK is a high performance engineering thermoplastic. It is very strong and rigid. The characteristics of PEEK show that is has highest tensile strength in the plastics family. It can be used on a continuous basis in temperatures of 480°F (250°C) without any loss of its properites.
Key benefits:

Low moisture absorption
Outstanding chemical resistance
Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
Operates at high temperatures
High mechanical properties
High temperature resistance
Good machinability

Industry users:

Oil and Gas

Typical applications:

Wire and cable production
Conveyers components
Wear pads
Automotive engine parts
Retaining rings

PEEK is available in plate, rod and tube form.


  • Function: protective
  • Type: flat
  • Material: PEEK
  • Other characteristics: abrasion-resistant, high-temperature, high-performance
  • Product applications: for the aeronautical industry, for the automotive industry

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