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Linear stage / translation / flexure-guided

Rack and Pinion Dovetail Stages

* Long, fast travel
* Rack & pinion drive
* Ideal for focus and field adjustment
* 65 and 25mm sizes provide up to 130mm of travel
* 1/4-20 (M6) hole pattern
* Lockable

When longer ranges of travel are required conventional stages may not be sufficient. For imaging applications it is often necessary to scan a detector over the field and focus volume of image space. These, long travel, dovetail stages provide the perfect solution. They may be driven by rack and pinion over a large distance without losing their alignment. The coarse drive enables rapid positioning of the stage. Once set in position the stage may be locked by means of a clamp lever so it will not move. If it is required to provide fine movement our conventional stages have compatible mounting holes and can be attached to these stages. The 65mm stages are compatible with 1/4inch or M6, industry standard, mounting patterns and are offered as X, XY and XYZ stages. The 25mm stages are compatible with our mini-system and are offered as linear stages of various travel ranges.


  • Orientation: linear
  • Technology: translation
  • Other characteristics: flexure-guided

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