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  • Universal station for testing night vision devices / Nivis


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Universal station for testing night vision devices / Nivis

Night vision devices present on the market can be divided due to design differences into six basic types: 1)monoculars, 2)goggles (mono and bino type), 3)sights, 4) clip-ons, 5)binoculars, 6)periscopes. Nivis is an universal, computerized, table type station for expanded testing/boresight of all these types of NVD. In detail, it enables testing NVDs having aperture of the optics up to 150mm (virtually all NVDs offered on the market). All important parameters of NVDs recommended by MIL standards can be measured. Tested NVDs can be fixed using universal adapters (fast easy connection) or mechanical railway (typically Picatinny rail) for precision positioning. The station is computerized and offers following features: output image on external monitor, automatic calculation of dark spots, software support for resolution/MRC measurement, high accuracy of FOV and distortion measurement, ability to measure MTF, computer read out of light source settings, and digital recording of measurement results. The universality of Nivis (case of most expanded version) has been achieved by a concept of an image projector built using a set of three exchangeable refractive collimators of different focal length, a single large movable calibrated light source, and a set of external targets all based on a horizontal platform (optical table). The active collimator is exchanged depending on field of view of tested NVD. In addition, a set of mechanical adapters and railways is used to enable positioning of tested NVDs. The station projects images of some standard targets into direction of tested night vision. The user can control light intensity and type of target to be projected using two knobs. The tested NVD generates copies of the projected standard images. Images generated by tested NVD are evaluated by human observer, test software or with help of some other measuring tools (luminance probe) and important parameters of night vision devices are determined.


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