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  • Hydrostatic spindle unit
  • Hydrostatic spindle unit

Article: 00126995

Hydrostatic spindle unit

Outstanding high machining accuracy, radial and axial runout High radial and axial stiffness
No vibration from rolling elements
Maximum damping of vibrations from machining process
High surface quality and reduced tool wear through damping oil film
Full load of bearing capacity and stiffness even at speed zero
Wear-free, no mixed friction zone on starting and run-down
Peripheral speeds up to 65 m/s
Throttle system insensitive to turbulence and running gap
Thermal stable, direct heat dissipation through lubricating oil
Compact design; no external controller required, thanks integrated ZOLLERN bearing clearance compensator
Sealing effected by non-contact air-gap seals

Typical applications

Grinding spindle units
Milling spindle units
Workpiece- and turning spindle units
Fine drilling spindle units
Multi-spindle units


  • Other characteristics: hydrostatic
  • Diameter: Min.: 32 mm

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