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  • Milling motor spindle / manual

SLI series

Article: 00127030

Milling motor spindle / manual

A wide range of three-phase asynchronous compact motors and high-speed electric spindles with rapid or manual automatic tool change. Air or liquid cooling.

Competence in satisfying the machining requirements connected with the production process of various materials, such as natural stone, wood, glass, ceramic, polymers and light metals, not only with reference to standard products but also to the study and implementation of customized solutions meeting specific customers' needs and requirements.


  • Function: milling
  • Drive mechanism: manual
  • Rotational speed: 1400 rpm (8796.46 rad.min-1), 5800 rpm (36442.47 rad.min-1), 2900 rpm (18221.24 rad.min-1)

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