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Sentry series

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Positioning spindle / belt-driven

The Sentry!" is a SETCO belt-driven spindle line. It provides six standard models and features a catalog standard design to provide quick delivery and a value price.

The C017 and B035 represent the small end of Sentry spindles. The Sentry C017 is a drop-in replacement for the Gilman 1875 and is available in two configurations; 1) Plain Cartridge and 2) Positioning Nut Cartridge. As options, the C017 is offered with three spindle noses and two styles of spindle mounting brackets to suite application needs.

The Sentry B035 is our smallest standard block spindle, and a drop in replacement for the Gilman 2750. The Sentry B035 is a compact design that makes it ideal for small work that may require precision boring, drilling, and milling. The B035 is offered with a variety of motor drive packages with speeds up to 9,000 rpm and up to 3 hp. Both the C017 and B035 feature a labyrinth spindle seal design and standard one year warranty.

Click Here To Show AirShield VideoThe B040, B050, B070, and B090 represent the larger Sentry spindles. These spindles feature a block-style spindle housing and are equipped with a cross keyway and positioning jackscrew holes. The Sentry B040, B050, B070, and B090 models can be configured with a variety of standard options; such as triplex and quad front bearings, a variety of motor drive packages, manual drawbar, and arrangements for through-spindle coolant. These spindles are equipped with the patented SETCO AirShield!" spindle seal system and features a 3-year limited warranty against contamination.


  • Function: positioning
  • Drive mechanism: belt-driven
  • Rotational speed: Min.: 6600 rpm (41469.02 rad.min-1)

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