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  • Turning spindle / manual / toothed / for rolling mills

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Turning spindle / manual / toothed / for rolling mills

Renold Ajax has been supplying spindles for rolling mill applications for over 50 years. We have pioneered such innovations as:

Continuous Circulating Oil Lubrication - Closed loop oil lubrication systems for rolling mill spindles
Roll End Piloting - Piloting system to reduce chatter and improve bore wear life
Compound Tooth Curvature - Variable curvature on tooth face to optimise loads for each application
Renold Ajax offers full service and technical support for our custom engineered spindles, such as:
Rebuild Programs - Fast turn-around on full spindle reconditioning
Parts Stocking Programs - Custom long lead components held ready for release
Dimensional Tracking Programs - Wear tracking and predictive maintenance service
Real Time Torque Measurement - Telemetry system for recording actual loads and evaluating system TAF

Consult Renold Ajax Engineering personnel with your application, and let us customise a spindle to meet your exact needs.


  • Function: turning
  • Drive mechanism: manual
  • Other characteristics: toothed, for rolling mills

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