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  • Electric stacker truck / with rider platform

TB series

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Electric stacker truck / with rider platform

Electric Pallet Stacker
TB Series with AC driving motor, Rated load capacity: 2000kg, lift height: 4500mm;
1. Speed Limited for high position, to aviod the possibility of products' overturning when high speed in high position;
2. Curve safe control, the forklift will reduce the speed automatic when turning,to aviod the ejection of operator and products from the vehicle by the high speed;
3. Safe cutoff valve, to protect the operator and goods in well condition;
4. Vertical Drive system, to save the energy and have long time working;
5. Durability: Reinforced frame and mast have long service life;
6. Ergonomics multi-functional operation handle;
7. Initiative shocking proof system to reduce the operator' fatigue.


  • Energy: electric
  • Operator: with rider platform
  • Carrying capacity: 2000 kg (4409.25 lb), 1500 kg (3306.93 lb), 1000 kg (2204.62 lb)
  • Lifting height: Min.: 1600 mm

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