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  • Hydraulic stacker truck / walk-behind

PHL series

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Hydraulic stacker truck / walk-behind

Unidex PHL series manual hydraulic lifts and transporters are versatile workstations that can transfer elevated or low-height loads in hundreds of applications. Featuring a standard load capacity of 250 lbs., the work surface is raised by means of foot pedal hydraulics from as low as floor height to 48 inches. The PHL Series is ideal for multiple production units.

With its cantilevered design, the area between the legs and table/forks is unobstructed, for easy accessibility to racks, machinery, and other immovable fixtures. It is ideal for machine feeding, component assembly and transfer, mobile staging, and work positioning, often applied in multiple units. The standard model features a boltplate that will accept a table, forks or other specialized fixtures.


  • Energy: hydraulic
  • Operator: walk-behind
  • Carrying capacity: 250 lb (113.4 kg)
  • Lifting height: 48 in

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