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  • Manual stacker truck / walk-behind / drum-handling

1400 series

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Manual stacker truck / walk-behind / drum-handling

The Drum-lifter can lift, tip, mix, empty and transport drums for you with ease. It is a mobile lifting and tipping mechanism designed for 200 liter tyred drums. The Drum-lifter is driven onto the standing drum which is then clamped into the drum basket. The drum can now be raised into the required height using the hydraulic foot pump.

The drum can now be rotated to mix or tipped to empty using the handle of the worm drive gearbox. The Drum-lifter is equipped with large rubber wheels which makes for ease of transport and the rear castor wheel is fitted with a brake. The cylinders are fitted with check valves as a safety feature in case of rapid pressure loss due to hose failure. The model 1400P is fitted with a ratchet strop and is designed for steel and plastic drums between 400 and 600mm diameter. The Drum-lifter can be fitted with pneumatic drive, anti explosion protection, made from stainless steel or produced with other modifications on request.

Additional equipment is avilable:

* Pneumatic-hydraulic drive
* Anti-explosion protection
* stainless steel construction and more


  • Energy: manual
  • Operator: walk-behind
  • Other characteristics: drum-handling
  • Carrying capacity: Min.: 0 kg (0 lb)

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