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  • Horizontal tilting rotary table / for machining centers / motorized

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Horizontal tilting rotary table / for machining centers / motorized

The DTS is a compact cantilevered tilting table consisting of two sets of roller gear cams and a servomotor. It ensures high rigidity by designing compact devices with a smaller stress path and employing dedicated large bore cross roller bearings. No need to support parts at either end so it works well for a large processing space. This makes it very convenient for five-axis machining and automating processes because interference between the spindle, an ATC, and an AWC is eliminated.

The DTS series was developed for precision positioning applications. Internally is Sankyo's patented RollerDrive® mechanism that is designed for extremely accurate positioning with inherent zero backlash. The tapered ribs of the globoidal cam and the cam followers on the roller gear remain under constant preload on multiple lines of contact to provide excellent rigidity. This preload guarantees zero backlash, making the DTS ideal for machining applications. The no backlash nature of the unit is what sets it apart from average positioning devices.


  • Type: horizontal
  • Applications: for machining centers
  • Operation: motorized

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