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  • AC voltage detector


Article: 00146356

AC voltage detector

Voltage Sensor

KEW 8309

Floating voltage can be measured
*Floating voltage:
phase to phase voltage not grounded

Max. input voltage |AC 600Vrms(sin), 848.4Vpeak
Input system |Differential input (can measure floating voltage)
Output voltage |AC 0~60mV (output/input: 0.1mV/V)
Measuring ranges |6~600V
Accuracy (Frequency range) |±1.0%rdg±0.1mV (50/60Hz)
Operating Temperature and Humidity Ranges |-10~50ºC, relative humidity 85% or less (no condensation)
Input impedance |Approx. 3.4M?
Output impedance |Approx. 180?
Location for use |Altitude up to 2000m, Indoors


  • Measured value: AC voltage

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