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Voltage detector

The capacitive measuring method allows contact-free voltage measuring to be carried out quickly and easily.

The LED glow lamp starts to pulsate as soon as the measuring tip detects voltage in the localisation area and this is accompanied by an acoustic alarm.

Practical detail: There is a high-performance LED flashlight built into the side where the clip is on the RE15 which allows the user to illuminate the measuring point as best as possible.

Benefits in practice:

Quick and contact-free detection of AC voltage
Optic and acoustic alarm in case of voltage
Compact pen-design with pocket clip
Built-in flashlight
Excellent value for money

The RE15 should by all means become a standard piece of equipment for testing voltage carrying conductors both at home and at the workplace when work is to be carried out on such installations.

Technical data of the RE15:

Measuring circuit category: CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V
Measuring range: UAC 50 to 1,000 V
Micro-environment: Pollution degree 2
Testing method: unipolar, contact-free
Voltage display: LED + alarm
Integrated flashlight
Safety: EN 61326, EN 61010-1, EN 61010-02-031
Dimensions: 21 x 158 x 25 mm
Weight: 34 g

Scope of supply: Meter, batteries, operating instructions


  • Measured value: voltage

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