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Voltage detector

DC3600BP is designed ensuring IEC 61243-2 standards with suitable use for No-Voltage Testing of direct current overhead lines (mainly transport overhead lines: trams, metro, trains). A few models in this range can indicate the presence of voltage due to residual electric charges (DC) and the presence of AC voltages (induced or actual). Equipped with red LEDs for detection of DC voltages, orange LEDs for presence of residual DC voltages while discharging, blue LEDs for presence of actual or induced AC voltages with an over voltage alarm, it provides audible and visual indication of the presence of voltage. The current passing through the detector cable is always lower than the standardized danger threshold (3.5 mA). Suitable for voltage range from 400-3600V, it can resists temporary over voltages up to 36 kV.


  • Measured value: voltage

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