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  • ASTM I ultra-pure water purification unit / laboratory

8 - 12 l/min | 2036 series

Article: 00145719

ASTM I ultra-pure water purification unit / laboratory

This high flow lab water system produces Ultrapure 18.2 Megohm-cm Reagent Grade DI Water at a flow rate of 8-12 LPM and features continous recirculation to maintain maximum water purity. Ultrapure water is available on demand up to 10 feet from the system via the included remote dispenser with 0.22-Micron final filter.

This AQUA SOLUTIONS unit operates on ordinary tapwater, for operation on pretreated water see: Model 2035A.

Laboratory water purification systems are also available with a built-in sterilizer: Model 2036AU or with a built-in Dual wavelength UV Oxidizer/Sterilizer: Model 2036AL.


  • Options: ASTM I
  • Applications: laboratory

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