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  • Compact water purification unit / laboratory
  • Compact water purification unit / laboratory


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Compact water purification unit / laboratory

50% of the Italians drink bottled mineral water, simple because they don't trust tap water. But, BLUPURO is a water-purifying appliance that provides pure and healthy water straight from the tap, thus making tap water safe to drink, thanks to the natural mechanism called reverse osmosis. In this process the water is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane. All the impurities that can damage health are hence trapped.

BLUPURO guarantees a 95% reduction in the calcium concentration in the water. Same goes for the concentration of posphates, nitrates, heavy metals like lead and other polluting substances that are present in water. BLUPURO minimizes the total fixed residue, thus guaranteeing good and healthy water, which is perfectly safe for drinking, that is low in minerals and can be used for preparing food. BLUPURO allows you save both your money as well as time, as you don't need to buy and spend money on bottled waters. This also in turn reduces the amount of waste product accumulation. Thus with BLUPURO you can save money, save time and save the planet.


  • Options: compact
  • Applications: laboratory

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