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  • Hydrocarbon distillation unit / automatic


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Hydrocarbon distillation unit / automatic

This is a MINIDIS ADXpert is an mini distillation analyser which is very portable to use. This atmospheric analyser is very sturdy and portable compact and lightweight. It performs on a stand alone unit and is used for the latest sale scale distillation of petroleum products standardisation -ASTM D7344.

Thus gives is fully automatic from the introduction of the sample to the heating regulations, vapor temperature registration and volume reasurement which occurs in the reciever compartment.It also calculates the distillation curve of the raw data accumulated during the test. This in turn gives the highest levels of accuracy repeatability and reproduction.

A detailed D86 test and a distillation run can take less than 15 minutes according to the kind of sample. The operations that are automatic just requires one to insert a tube in to the sampling container and press RUN. No other preparation like cooling or programing of the testing condition is required.

The product is extremely user friendly that one does not need the knowledge of distillation to work this system.


  • Applications: for hydrocarbons
  • Other characteristics: automatic

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