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  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC
  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC
  • Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC

240 x 200 x 200 mm | KATANA2

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Abrasive water-jet cutting machine / CNC

- Energy saving, ultrafine and low environmental impact!
Precisely cuts many types of materials!

"Water Jet Cutter KATANA2" is a cutting device that cuts both hard and soft materials into any flat shapes by jetting a mixture of abrasive materials and water jet.
With a newly developed nozzle of no bigger than ?0.5mm, it not only reduces the cutting allowance, thermal effect and noise but it also saves energy and the amount of abrasive materials, reduces initial costs and running costs, and has a low impact on environment.


- katana2cuttingimageAccurately processes many types of materials
- Besides all the merits of water jet processing, with a newly developed nozzle it can process high-grade products and improve the roughness of the surface.
?Suitable materials:
Glass, stainless steel, copper, CFRP, laminated materials, resin, rubber, foam, paper, etc...
- Energy saving, cost saving, space saving
Reduce 60% of abrasive materials.
?Installation space is only 3 m2.
?Drastically reduces initial costs and running costs.
- We offer full support for operation of all our products.
Everything is designed and manufactured for you, from the ultrahigh-pressure water pump to the main body of the device.
?We also offer support from a technical team after delivery.


  • Technology: abrasive water-jet
  • Control type: CNC

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