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  • Water-jet cutting machine / plasma / metal / CNC


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Water-jet cutting machine / plasma / metal / CNC

Dualine combines Plasma and Water Jet technologies in order to obtain high productivity and high quality in the various cutting combinations. The high cutting speed of the Plasma matched with the high precision and versatility of the Water Jet system, allows to optimize time and production costs on the same work piece. This solution, in addition to the combined cut on the same piece, can then be used as a only water jet or plasma cutting machine, having two machines in one with their respective advantages. Soitaab owns the technological cutting tables developed and tested internally, which consolidated know-how that is transferred to the customers along with, sharing this precious back ground together. Dualine is the clear answer to a dynamic market always in evolution to find the best solution at the better cutting cost and quality.
Dualine is also available in custom made solutions to the specific needs, it can be also in a special version with double gantry on a one cutting table with also a wide range of accessories.


  • Technology: water-jet, plasma
  • Treated material: metal
  • Control type: CNC
  • Structure: gantry type
  • Other characteristics: precision
  • X travel: Min.: 2 m (6' 7")
  • Y travel: Min.: 3 m (9' 10")

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