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Electric winch

The Securitreuil is a personnel lift used for visits and inspections of bridge piers, sewers and underground networks, silos, and treatment plant pits.
It uses the equipment approved by APAVE and provides all the safety features required for personnel lifts. It has a CE review certificate of the 2006/42/CE type.

It uses highly-resistant galvanized steel ropes with non-rotating operation. The breaking load on each individual rope is 1600 kg. The power unit uses a 3-phase electric power supply on 230 V or 400 V on 50 Hz. The motor power is 0.75 kW. This lifter can reach the working height of 25 m to 70 m depending on the model.

For smooth movement and holding of the lifter in the working position, this machine features wheels with a locking system. The electric control works on a low voltage (48 V) and it is placed in two control boxes. One box is placed on the operators seat while the other is fixed on the frame. Also, there is an option of fitting the operator pendant control system with radio-controlled version (SCT70RC, SCT50RC and SCT25RC) or spooler (SCT25E).


  • Operation: electric
  • Lifting capacity: 1600 kg (3527.4 lb)

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