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  • Hydraulic winch / pipe renewal
  • Hydraulic winch / pipe renewal
  • Hydraulic winch / pipe renewal

pipe renewal winches

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Hydraulic winch / pipe renewal

The hydraulic pump is equipped with a special adjuster. By this it is guaranteed that the adjusted speed is always
kept constant. The pulling speed may be regulated by a hand wheel continuously from 0 to max. Furthermore the
pulling force is adjustable by a hand wheel as well from 0 to max. When the pre-selected pulling force is reached the
hydraulic pump is regulating to ?Zero-supply? and the winch operation is stopping whereas the pulling force is staying
constant (pre-tension-system).
Amongst others Thaler Pipe Renewal Winches are used for Pipe Cracking, Pipe Cleaning, Pipe Relining and in combi-
nation with a Swagelining unit. They are constructed under strict compliance with the machine guidelines of the European Community and with their chassis approved by TÜV (Technical Surveyance Authorities) they are admitted to the public traf?c.


  • Operation: hydraulic
  • Application: pipe renewal
  • Speed: Min.: 0 m/s (0 ft/s)

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