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  • Hydraulic winch / rotary drum / hoisting

BWF series

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Hydraulic winch / rotary drum / hoisting

These hydraulically powered winches deriving from the BW series satisfy the needs of truck crane manufacturers. They stand out for their excellent mechanical and hydraulic performance and compact dimensions, made possible because all mechanical and hydraulic parts are incorporated in the drum. The winches in this series have hydraulic motor-driven units with a fixed displacement axial or orbital piston motor type and an integrated balancing valve unit for controlling the load while it is descending, As a result, the rope can be easily and quickly wound clockwise or counterclockwise simply by rotating the load control valve. The generously proportioned negative lamellar brake was designed to withstand very high braking torques.

Installation is greatly simplified thanks to the exclusive design and total absence of protruding parts and projections.


  • Operation: hydraulic
  • Technology: rotary drum
  • Application: hoisting
  • Lifting capacity: Min.: 1000 kg (2204.62 lb)

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