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  • Hydraulic winch / rotary drum / mooring / custom

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Hydraulic winch / rotary drum / mooring / custom

Favelle Favco offers a wide range of custom designed winches up to 200 tonnes capacity including:

? Anchor handling/towing winches
? Up to 12-point mooring winches
? Air and Saturation diving winches

With more than 600 winches delivered to date, you can be assured of a compact and reliable design. Designed to any class and standards, these winches can be used on: Anchor handling vessels, Tender Rigs, Semi subs, Pipe lay barges, FPSO.

We offer the following features and options: Active Heave Compensated winches, Auto spooling, auto tensioning, low pressure hydraulic systems, high pressure hydraulic systems and frequency controlled electrical systems.


  • Operation: hydraulic
  • Technology: rotary drum
  • Application: mooring
  • Other characteristics: custom, compact

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