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  • Variable-speed wind turbine


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Variable-speed wind turbine

High capacity factor for higher returns

Witness the evolution of our robust G2 platform:
Designed to meet the high capacity factor needs of project sites with medium to low average wind speeds, Siemens? powerful SWT-2.3-120 is tailored to optimize output while minimizing loads and maintenance.
Evolved technology with a proven track record

The SWT-2.3-120 builds on the achievements of Siemens? proven G2 product platform, one of the most robust and successful turbine lines of all time with close to 8,000 units installed globally.

Our SWT-2.3-120 incorporates a variety of innovative technologies that have been scaled and streamlined to deliver an industry-leading capacity factor for sites with medium to low average wind speeds. Together, these refinements have produced a turbine that is even more efficient under these wind conditions than its pioneering predecessor. In other words: a proven product tailored to local conditions that offers a safe investment with excellent returns for years to come.


  • Other characteristics: variable-speed
  • Power: 2300 kW (3084.35 hp)
  • Blade diameter: 120 m (393' 8")

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