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4 - 20 mA | DMM-4000 series

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Radio transmitter

The DMM-4000 Series are two loops configurable field transmitters for analog T/C, Pt100, mV, mA, PWM, V, A, Ohm, Hz, signals and anyone specific variable.
These devices are composed in two series: one generic series keyboard configurable (DMM-4000), and the other one a specific series with inputs adapted to each variable (DMM-4000/... where the suffix shows the version), e.g. Chemical (pH, Conductivity, etc.), Electric (V, A, RMS, etc.), Humidity (HR, HA, Enthalpy, Dew point), Pressure, Level, Flow, Pulse Counter, Vibration, Weight, etc.

Allows with low cost to use the old probes and classic sensors placed on field and to transmit them toward control systems as PC or PLC in mA and Modbus saving A/D and D/A conversion tasks. In option, they can be to communicate by Radio 868 MHz (915 MHz in USA) or by Ethernet, cable or WiFi, by means adapter modules RMT, EMT or WMT-1000 Series.


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