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  • Fish packing station

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Fish packing station

Main Benefits

- Precise size & weight grading ensures higher value product
- Reduced labor costs as grading & packing are one operation
- Reduced giveaway compared to manual packing
- Optional label printing with barcode & real-time data
- Yield results are only a mouse-click away

Our Farmed Fish Packing Solution delivers fast and efficient grading and batching into fixed-weight packs. It is a task-specific solution at the right price.

The Farmed Fish Packing Solution packs to such an accurate fixed target weight that increased yield alone ensures a fast return on investment.

It?s the value-adding solution for handling small, whole fish such as tilapia, trout, sea bass, and sea bream, with a capacity of up to 125 fish/minute.
Packing process:

Whole small fish are fed into the grader individually via a high precision flowscale, weighing each piece individually in a continuous stream. Predefined weight grades are directed to the different gates and collected in holding bins. When a batch is completed, the holding bin closes and the next batch is collected.

As a batch is being generated, operators pack fish into boxes on the packing table. The operator pushes the completed box to the takeaway conveyor.


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