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  • Welding downdraft table
  • Welding downdraft table
  • Welding downdraft table


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Welding downdraft table

SDT-180 Modual Table
The SDT-180 is a versatile filter-less downdraft table that can be ducted to any filtration unit. The biggest benefit of ducting a table to a dust collector vs. using a self-contained (units with fan and filters built in) table is you can properly size a fan as well as your air to media ratio. Self-contained units are limited in space which limits the fan size as well as the amount of media that can be put in the unit.

Internal Stainless Filter Drawer
Connects to all Avani's portable filtration units
Removable Steel Curtain to prevent flying sparks
Built-in stainless filter drawer to collect steel chips
Powder Coated Steel
Inlet Dimension: 5"
Dimensions: 40" x 28" x 51"
Weight: 170 lbs


  • Applications: for welding

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