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  • Ground ball screw / heavy-duty

HTF series

Артикул: 00010109

Ground ball screw / heavy-duty

The HTF-A1 series of ball screws can be used in high-load situations. They have contact seals that keep grease from leaking and prevent contamination from being a threat. They are suitable for many products and the seals allow the electric servo drive to run without needing more maintenance.

The ball screw groove profile comes with an A1 seal to collect grease. The contact seals also keep the setup clear. Smooth return coupling is included to ensure balls are picked carefully in the proper direction. The A1 seal especially keeps grease from scattering around a site and will simplify the design of a cover, thus preserving the environment. The retaining qualities are also improved over time.


  • Тип: ground
  • Performance: heavy-duty

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