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  • Air compressor / piston / lubricated / stationary


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Air compressor / piston / lubricated / stationary

DALGAKIRAN, manufactured its first reciprocating air compressor in 1965, promises suitable, trouble-free and high performance for every kind of application with its single and double stage reciprocating air compressors. Manufacturing and assembly of every single part of these compressors, in which latest engineering softwares are used during design and analysis phases, are realized considering international quality standards.

Cast-iron crankcase and cylinders, pistons operated at low-speed, corrosion and heat-resistant stainless steel valves, cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins make DALGAKIRAN single and double stage reciprocating air compressors durable along their lifecycles.

Reciprocating air compressors are manufactured to be employed different areas of application without any performance loss. The parts with high performance and quality grades, that are used in manufacturing and assembly of the products designed to make users in every level of experience easily adapt and learn the control, provide long maintenance periods and thus, low operating costs as a result.


  • Type: air
  • Technology: piston
  • Lubrication: lubricated
  • Portability: stationary
  • Other characteristics: single-stage
  • Applications: industrial
  • Pressure: 8 bar (116.03 psi)
  • Flow: 1657 l/min (437.73 us gal/min)

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