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  • Diaphragm pressure gauge / dial / process / melt
  • Diaphragm pressure gauge / dial / process / melt

PG4 series

Article: 00006518

Diaphragm pressure gauge / dial / process / melt


Dynisco s family of mechanical pressure gauges are the ideal choice for applications requiring simple maintenance free pressure indication. Polymer pressure is sensed by a metal diaphragm, mounted flush with the inside surface of the extruder barrel with pressure indicated on the readout gauge. The sealed diaphragm design eliminates the need for grease and prevents melt contamination and gauge plugging. On the rigid snout version the mechanical gauge can be rotated 300 for unobstructed viewing. For applications involving high temperatures or restricted spaces gauges with flexible stems are available so to mount the gauge farther away from the process. Thermocouple or RTD configurations are available to provide melt temperature.


  • Technology: diaphragm
  • Display: dial
  • Type: process
  • Applications: melt

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