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Cable carrier

IDEALFLEX Cable Carriers

It is a closed cable carrier made of galvanized sheet, which consists of a carrying section and a steel guiding strip which is connected to one of the four sides of this section. This enables only a one-way bend to the side of the steel strip. Bends in the other directions are disabled. It is proven by load tests that nor after 10 million cycles are the cables damaged nor is the flexible carrier worn.

IDEALFLEX meets the technical and safety regulations and complies with the DIN 57113/VDE 0113 standards.

The cable carrier is also resistant to all cooling liquids and lubricants commonly used with machine tools.

On both ends of the section, there are stubbed or riveted on flanges which can be attached by several ways. (See the table.)

Cables and hoses which are laid loose in the section must be fixed to both ends of the carrier. To ensure the maximum service life of IDEALFLEX, it is necessary to provide its support or guiding in a channel if the section is long. The length of the channel should be equal to at least a half of the length of elevation. The most suitable attachment of the end of a cable carrier is in the middle of the elevation distance. In this way the shortest length of the carrier and the lowest price can be achieved.

-RM quality (for a low rate of movement) to 20 m/min IDEALFLEX with a steel guiding strip.

- RS quality (for a medium rate of movement)
20 to 50 m/min
IDEALFLEX with a steel guiding strip glued with a special adhesive.

- RV quality (for a high rate of movement) over 50 m/min IDEALFLEX with a synthetic guiding strip glued with a special adhesive


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