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  • Idler pulley / belt-tension

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Idler pulley / belt-tension

Pulley / Nylon, Plastic Pulleys For Casters, Lawnmowers, Tractors And Automotive Applications

Made of metal and plastic, our tensioner / idler pulleys have perfect wear resistance, vibration and friction. They reduce dust, salt and other contaminant that injure pulley life. The high quality bearings are used to operate for high temperatures and manifest less wobble. They exhibit high mechanical strength and have excellent fatigue endurance unmatched by most plastics.


* Provide greater reliability.
* Built with high quality bearings.
* Operating at higher temperatures.
* Smoother surfaces and tighter dimensional tolerances.
* Steel, plastic or combination.
* Low, moderate and high speed applications.


  • Type: idler
  • Applications: belt-tension

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