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  • High-performance liquid chromatograph / DAD / laboratory
  • High-performance liquid chromatograph / DAD / laboratory
  • High-performance liquid chromatograph / DAD / laboratory


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High-performance liquid chromatograph / DAD / laboratory

Q-ADEPT HPLC SYSTEM Q-2, Binary - Low Pressure Gradient

This is the ideal system for sophisticated method development. The system offers power and flexibility and yet is compact and convenient to use.

The CE 4104 Quaternary pump is provided for low pressure mixing of up to 4 solvents. A dynamic mixer, built into the pump, provides excellent solvent mixing for reproducible gradients.

The Adept CE 4300 WaveQuest DAD fast scanning detector is supplied with an 8µL x 10mm flowcell and fitted with a mounting panel for the Rheodyne injection valve.

Purity, compound identification, match factors using library search and virtually drift free monitoring may be carried out using this excellent system on the same scan as peaks are quantified cutting experimental time in half.

The PowerStream system controller is mounted at the centre of the stack and full control and data Processing are provided for use in Windows. A solvent and pipe organiser, CE 4134 and installation kit 4150 14 00 are provided.

The system is completed by the CE 4600 heated and cooled oven, which accommodates up to three columns

This is a low pressure binary gradient forming system. It uses the CE 4102 dual piston pump with flow rates from 0.001 to 10mL/min and a maximum operating pressure of 40MPa.

The pump has the facility for mixing two solvents for binary gradients and of course may be used in the isocratic mode.


  • Type: high-performance liquid
  • Detector type: DAD
  • Applications: laboratory

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