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  • Hazardous location resistance heater / for electrical cabinets


Article: 00043633

Hazardous location resistance heater / for electrical cabinets

There are several applications supported by this product, and you can use it for tasks such as vertical installation, condensation protection and freeze protection. The heating of instrument enclosures is also possible in hazardous areas, while the features available include a very slim heater body design, as well as a vertical design that allows optimum installation adjacent to the instruments that can be heated in the enclosure.

The freeze-protection thermostat is integrated as standard in the connection table, while the high heat output results from a special, black anodized aluminum profile construction.


  • Other characteristics: for hazardous locations
  • Applications: for electrical cabinets
  • Power: 40 W (136.49 BTU/h), 25 W (85.3 BTU/h), 75 W (255.91 BTU/h)

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