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Server cabinet

The Centralized User Database provides a single point of access and administration to the subscriber data. Based on Ericsson Blade Server and the distributed cluster architecture, which guarantees high capacity with an optimal footprint and real-time availability.
Ericsson's offering :
- Ericsson Centralized User Database has the flexibility to accommodate subscription profiles for new applications and expanded services. Its linear scalability is guaranteed both in terms of capacity and throughput, without latency degradation.
It ensures data consistency and integrity, and provides redundancy mechanisms. The physical and logical distribution of data is transparent to any data user (HLR/AUC, application servers, BSS). Communication with data users is through standard LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
Main values :
- High performance ? 150 million subscribers per database system
- Low power consumption ~ 4kW for one cabinet
- High availability: 1+1 or 1+1+1 configuration
- Compliance with 3GPP standard, anduse of open protocols
- Fewer DB nodes reduces total cost of ownership
- The same, single platform ? Ericsson Blade Server ? as all our User Data Management elements
- Future-proof investment and long product lifecycle
- Common user-centric data modelingsupports many Ericsson and non-Ericsson applications
- Supports integration of new applications
- Enables new business opportunities, such as Machine-to-Machine and data monetization.


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