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Vehicle fire extinguishing system

Bus fires pose an exceptionally catastrophic threat of injury, death and loss of property. BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable bus fire protection system.

1. Engine Compartment Protection Module:
? DELTA Rate-of-Rise pneumatic-electronic linear fire/overheat detector, which responds with high accuracy and sensitivity to temp. rises that exceed a predetermined rate, irrespective of the starting temp.
? Suppression agent & nozzles
2. Battery Compartment Protection Module:
? Fire detector
? Suppression agent & nozzles
3. Command & Control Unit: On the dashboard, automatically warn the driver in real-time of a detected fire threat or event.

The key benefits of BUSShield are:
? Super-fast detection: The DELTA detects temp. fluctuations in less than 1 second.
? Real-time driver alerts: The system immediately alerts to a threat/event long before it is in line-of-sight
? Efficient extinguishing action utilizes dry powder to suppress all classes of fires and prevent re-ignition (can be activated manually).
? The DELTA?s flexible stainless steel linear sensor tubing can be routed to monitor long distances or confined spaces.
? The DELTA?s Built-in-Test capability eliminates the need for routine maintenance, alerting automatically to degraded performance.
? Low risk of false alarms.
? High tolerance to harsh conditions.
? Events are stored in the DELTA?s non-volatile memory and can be downloaded through a USB interface.

The BUSShield is Approved to the Israeli new standard, and ISO 9001-2008 quality assurance certified.


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