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  • Dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / mobile / industrial

BUDDY series

Article: 00066722

Dry vacuum cleaner / single-phase / mobile / industrial

BUDDY is St to be used together with an electric or
pneumatic tool for a professional suction of taifcngs. The
use of a microprocessor that allo.vs the automatic Start
and Stop of the vacuuming, makes BUDDY the friendly assistant that protects your health by removing the 5ne
and harmful dust direct*/ from electrical or pneumatic
tools while operating.
The IPCS system (Inteligent Fiter Clearing System) grants
an automatic cleaning of the filter by a couple of electro-
mechanical vibrators. v»hch atovays maintam the Altering
surface of the cartridge at ful efioency of filtration.


  • Applications: dry
  • Power source: single-phase
  • Other characteristics: mobile
  • Domain: industrial, for filtration
  • Power: 1400 W (1.88 hp)
  • Capacity: 37 l (9.77 gal)

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