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  • Pillar jib crane / for welding

max. 196" | LHZ series

Article: 00070260

Pillar jib crane / for welding

Our line of standard duty welding manipulators (LHZ models) are designed and built for operations requiring a little more lift and reach. These manipulators can accommodate boom end loads up to 264 lbs. and most major welding head manufacturer?s equipment. They have horizontal and vertical reaches ranging from 3 meters by 4 meters up to 5 by 5 meters, and are well suited to a wide variety of transverse and longitudinal seam welding for pressure vessels and similar components. They provide for smooth and consistent welds as well as operator safety, and are ruggedly designed and built for many years of operation.


  • Type: pillar
  • Other characteristics: for welding
  • Load: 264 lb (119.75 kg)
  • Lift height: Min.: 3 m (9' 10")

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