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  • Beam type load cell / IP67

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Beam type load cell / IP67

Soway Load sensor can monitor the empty, full and over-load of vehicle in real time while the vehicle is running. The load sensor is designed based on the principle linear variable differential transformer inductance. Changes of weight extend or compress the spring, the sensor gets the accurate changing weight by measuring the displacement.

1.Stroke: 0-100 mm
2.Output: 1-4V or digital output
3.Power supply: 9-30V DC
4.Working temperature:?-20 to 80?
5.Accuracy: ±5mm

1. Overload source management: detect the vehicle load or overload state in real time, through monitor vehicle load to protect public safety.
2. Much car management: aggregated to the number of transport, reduce management costs, enhance the management level.
3. Dumper car management: eliminate traffic accidents and environmental pollution, make the city green.
4. Load balance warning: install load sensors on the same ale by left and right, could come to warn the truck load is uniform, ensure balance on both left and right, eliminate traffic accidents.
5. Quality maintenance: prevent quality disputes due to vehicle over loading damage arising, keep the legitimate interests of manufacturers.
6. Maintain the interests of owners: prevent cargo loss during transport and spec work, protect the interests of owners.

1. Could detect empty, loaded, overloaded or specific load weights.
2. Best-in-market capabilities, calibration-free required.
3. Unique design and material, best toughest area ratings.
4. Best accessories and brackets, easy install.
5. Best vibration resistant, up to 5G/40Hz.


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