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Electromechanical relay / protection / control / DIN rail

The KMB Systems TS 1211 (TrafoSTART) is a digital transmission for coverting the single-phase transformers. The magnetization the transformer center is controlled within the restricted area while in energization.

This transformer starting up technique completely gets rid of incoming over flow current having little start up period (from 0, 06 s). The TrafoSTART would work pertaining to all kinds of transformers ? EI, UI, C, toroidal, etc. Simultaneously connected transformers of differing kinds could be linked to a single TrafoSTART.

The particular TrafoSTART is highly used pertaining to often switched transformers and pertaining to low-losses transformers having high functioning induction. The device is usually very easily set up in to the principal lead.

The particular TrafoSTART can easily replace transformer contactor, any time control input is utilized. While starting, the transformer core is re-magnetized to reversed value of magnetization having exactly given increment within every 50 percent amount of supply voltage.

Magnetizing impulses are edited based on the principal voltage waveform. Such a principle guarantees error-free procedure without transformer alternate load.


  • Type: electromechanical
  • Function: protection, control
  • Form: DIN rail
  • Applications: for transformers, general purpose

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