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Embedded hardware and software development kit

The DLi3000 is a production-ready, fully embedded solution. It offers an incredibly small form factor for use in todays size constrained devices. The DLi3000 combines the DLP® Discovery? 3000 Chipset, a Xilinx Virtex 4 Application FPGA, 2Gbit DDR2 SDRAM and onboard DVI input into a small production ready package. With the DLi3000, the DMD is mounted remotely for easy product integration, heat dissipation, and vibration isolation. The DLi3000 includes a 5? or 12? Flex Cable.
The DLi3000 is available in both 0.7? XGA and 0.95? SXGA+ resolutions. Both formats incorporate a 32 bit low noise LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signal) for high speed data transfer. The SXGA+ model uses a 0.95? DMD with a resolution of 1400×1050 pixels. The XGA model employs a 0.7? DMD with a 1024×768 pixel array. The DLi3000 is available in Visible and optional UV configurations.

The DLi3000 provides users a small footprint hardware solution for economical integration of the DLP® Discovery? 3000 Chipset into prototypes and new products. The onboard DVI and USB provide customizable interfaces to a host of imaging sources such as PCs and servers. The DLi3000 Controller Board can also be customized to meet the users production specifications. DLi specializes in custom board design, application FPGA programming, high speed streaming interface design (PCIe), and Network Interface Ports (NIC) for remote control over the DLi3000.


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