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  • Single-girder overhead traveling crane
  • Single-girder overhead traveling crane

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Single-girder overhead traveling crane

These cranes can be built in two ways: as single beam or double beam. Lay rails on reinforced concrete where they are to be used and run the crane. The lifting system of the crane is made of beams designed in conformity with load class. They can be in profiles or in welded girder box. The end carriage of the crane is designed depending on the load of device to be lifted and span. The crane has travel gearmotors, fitted with frequency converters to set the speed and to adjust the acceleration of the ramp. The wheel groups have flange supports that cater to Class FEM M6 (3m). The single beam cranes have a trolley and hoist fixed to them so it is possible to maximize the hook run. There is a facility to withhold the hoist in either fixed or suspended versions for double beam cranes.


  • Type: single-girder

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