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Mash bath

? Mashing bath for measurement
of extract by IOB, EBC and ASBC
? Stainless steel bath with integral
pump for circulation of water
through heater box and bath
Beakers in the bath are stirred
using magnetic followers and all
samples are mashed and cooked
? Bath is designed to be fully
automatic, and manual control is
possible if required
? PLC Control
? Colour graphics with touch display
? Programmable delayed start
? Audible alarm
? Bath temperature controlled by
internal attemperation unit
? Temperature measured and
controlled to +/- 0.2°C
? Low level water cut out
? Accurate water dispense
(+/- 5ml) to all beakers in less than
2 minutes
? Simple touch screen access to
volume calibrations
? Real time trending of machine
? Remote servicing available via
? Two automatic pre-programmed
mashing sequences
? Data storage of last 30 processes
? Overview screen to monitor all
control I/O operations


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