Implement Industry Ideas

KR 1000 Titan is the first six-axle heavy-duty robots with open kinematics and a unique load. He mastered the movement of heavy loads for distances of up to 6.5 meters accurately and quickly. Engine blocks, stones, glass, steel beams, ship parts, aviation parts, marble blocks, reinforced concrete structures – KR 1000 Titan moves any heavy weight. For special applications we offer the option with the best ratio of the payload range or performance as palletizing for heavy loads up to 1.3 tons.



  • Manipulation, loading and unloading
  • Packaging and selective acquisition
  • Other manipulation operations
  • Other types of welding processes
  • Painting, surface treatment
  • Metal foundry production
  • Mechanical restoration
  • Assembly
  • Other applications
  • Pressing equipment
  • Metal-cutting machines
  • Maintenance of other types of machine tools
  • Measurement, testing and testing